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Concrete patios are still very popular in California, and for good reason. They’re durable, can be easy to maintain, and are cost-effective. But what if your concrete patio is showing signs of its age? Many San Jose, CA homeowners are asking if they should paint their concrete patio.

While it has long been a popular option, painting your concrete patio is not as good an idea as it seems to be. For one, if your patio has cracks or other cosmetic issues, paint won’t do much to hide or resolve them. That’s why the best solutions involve either polishing, staining, or coating your concrete patio with something much more durable than paint.

Below, we’re going to look at some of the best options for refinishing and revitalizing your concrete patio. If you’ve been thinking about painting over your concrete surfaces, you will want to explore your other options. Having a beautiful, long-lasting patio is easier and more accessible than ever before.

The Look of a Stone Patio - But at a Fraction of the Cost

Have you seen those houses on TV, or maybe even in your neighborhood, with the gorgeous, expansive stone patios? Did you know that, instead of painting your concrete patio, you can resurface it to look just like those custom flagstone surfaces?

If you’ve been checking the price on replacing your concrete patio or installing real stone, you’ve probably realized just how expensive it can get. Luckily for San Jose homeowners, you can get the same luxury look without the luxury price.

Rather than replace or paint your concrete patio, you can resurface it with a beautiful stone look, or choose from a variety of other surfaces. Best of all, you won’t need to replace your patio in order to make it look brand new. Compared to painted concrete, a custom flagstone, Travertine, or brick look will add value to your home and provide a stunning look.

Coated Concrete vs Painted Concrete Patio

There can sometimes be some confusion between a concrete patio coating, and a painted concrete patio. We’re going to look at the difference between painting your concrete patio, and applying a professional coating.

While some companies will sell paint designed for outdoor concrete, all such paint products have inherent weaknesses. One, is that they often have a high water content. This decreases their durability, and makes them susceptible to solvents and other chemicals. That can lead to staining and other problems.

But possibly the biggest problem with painting your existing concrete patio, is that paint is not particularly abrasion resistant. Think about what a concrete patio has to endure. Scraping of chairs, moving a table, maybe a grille. Factor in pets, storms, and even parties, and it quickly becomes clear that painting your concrete patio is not the best option for restoring its looks. In fact, once the paint starts to strip off the concrete, it might look even worse than it did before you painted it!

That brings us to professional concrete coatings. Designed to withstand even industrial use, concrete coatings like those used by Armor Coatings are durable, customizable, and beautiful. A flat slab of concrete can be transformed into a textured, natural-looking surface. Whether you want a quarried stone look, or a more modern, polished surface, professional concrete resurfacing is the most effective and economical way to transform your old concrete patio.

What Should I Do Instead of Painting My Concrete Patio?

One of the best things about concrete coatings is that they can be done in a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles. Your first step is to look at your old concrete patio, and then imagine what your ideal patio would look like. Chances are, you’d like something more than just painted concrete.

Once you have a new patio in mind, or if you need some creative help, you can always contact the experts at Armor Coatings to bring your dream patio to life. Compared to replacing your concrete patio, resurfacing will be a fraction of the cost. Once you’ve seen all the resurfacing options available to you, you’ll realize that painting your concrete patio is at best a temporary resolution, and at worst something you will regret doing.

We hope you’ve learned more about why painting your concrete patio is not an ideal solution, and that the variety of concrete coatings available to you is truly incredible. You can browse our gallery of resurfaced concrete patios and floors, and contact Armor Coatings with any questions you have. If you have a concrete patio that is damaged or showing its age, we’d love to help you pick out your perfect new patio.

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