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When San Jose, CA homeowners are installing or replacing their patio or driveway, many compare natural flagstone vs pavers as their top options. Flagstone and pavers are two of the most popular choices for home exteriors for a wide range of reasons.

Below, we’re going to be comparing pavers vs flagstone patios, walkways, and driveways, based on price, durability, and options. There are several factors to consider when deciding between these two popular materials, so it’s worth it for Californians to do their research and pick the option that works best for them, whether it’s natural flagstone or pavers.

Pavers vs Flagstone: Appearance

For many homeowners and new buyers, attractiveness is the most important factor when choosing a material for their patio or driveway. An attractive paver or flagstone patio not only improves the aesthetics and feel of your home, it can also add to your home’s value and curb appeal.

California homeowners know that the appearance and quality of their exterior surfaces are important, which is why flagstone and pavers are two of their top options. Flagstone in particular is a classic, high-class look with centuries of use. But for many homeowners, the expense of installing and maintaining a natural flagstone patio put it out of reach, especially with pavers available.

Modern pavers can be expertly engineered to replicate the look of natural flagstone, but are also more versatile in their appearance. So while they can look identical to natural flagstone, they also open up other colors and textures that don’t occur in flagstone. Pavers offer the same aesthetic and curb appeal as flagstone, but how do they compare on price? That’s what we’ll look at next.

Pavers vs Flagstone: Price & Cost of Ownership

Price of material and cost of ownership are areas that really separate pavers from natural flagstone. The key difference between flagstone and pavers, is that pavers are manufactured, while flagstone needs to be quarried.

And while pavers can be designed on-demand to homeowner specifications, getting the exact flagstone look you want requires a lot more work. As you can imagine, flagstone adds a lot of cost for San Jose, California homeowners.

But how much?

While pricing for pavers and flagstone will vary, pavers are frequently at least 30% cheaper than natural flagstone. The price of flagstone can even be double that of pavers! And when factor in cost of ownership, the difference widens even more.

Natural flagstone can often be more expensive to install and maintain than man-made pavers. When you factor in special sealants, cutting to size, and repairs/adjustment, California homeowners need to be prepared for the costs of maintaining a natural flagstone patio or walkway.

Meanwhile, since pavers are man-made, they can be manufactured in any configuration and size that buyers want. This reduces both the cost and difficulty of installation. Not only that, but pavers are easier to protect and maintain. Should a paver be damaged, it is cheaper to replace, and they offer greater durability due to their construction. That means a lower overall cost of ownership compared to the sedimentary stones used for flagstone surfaces.

So while flagstone patios and driveways are inherently attractive, their costs outweigh their benefits for many San Jose homeowners. For that reason, pavers have increased greatly in popularity, especially due to their nearly identical appearance to flagstone.

Learn More About Paver Patio Solutions

At Armor Coatings, we have spoken with many San Jose homeowners who were sure they wanted a flagstone patio, but changed their minds when they learned about the options available with pavers.

Custom-designed pavers, installed by a professional, result in a lower cost, more durable patio with the same look as flagstone. The pavers at Armor Coatings are designed specially for each customer, meaning our San Jose customers get a unique, high-quality product each and every time.

So if you’ve been trying to decide between flagstone vs pavers for your patio or driveway, contact us at Armor Coatings today to start turning your vision into reality. With over three decades of experience, as well as a reputation of quality and customer service, Armor Coatings is the premium manufacturer and installer of paver patios that you’ve been looking for.

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