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Chances are, your garage floor has been treated as an afterthought when you’ve been making home renovations. Many garage floors are a simple slab of cement, often cracked and covered over with a coat (or several coats) of paint.

But as homeowners look to finally improve the look and function of their garage, many are asking if epoxy is good as a garage floor.

Epoxy coatings have many advantages when it comes to choosing a garage flooring material, and can revitalize the appearance of an old garage floor while improving its function at the same time. However, not all epoxy is created equal.

Below, we’re going to take a look at some of the unique advantages that an epoxy garage floor provides, as well as important considerations when considering an epoxy product or installation company. This information will help you decide if refinishing your garage floor with epoxy is a good option for you.

Epoxy Paint vs High Solids Epoxy

If you’ve been researching whether epoxy is good for a garage floor, chances are you’ve encountered a lot of information about DIY and consumer epoxy products. Many of these are marketed as “epoxy paint,” and highlight their ease of application and low cost.

While it’s true that epoxy paint can form part of a total epoxy garage floor solution, it’s not the ideal choice for a long-lasting garage floor. This is because, while it’s easy to apply, epoxy paint has a high water content and is much thinner than professional-grade epoxy like we use at Armor Coatings.

This means that the final product results in a thinner, less durable finish. Epoxy paint will offer less stain and scratch resistance, which is not ideal for a garage floor. Fluids from your car, or just daily abrasions from your work could stain and damage an epoxy paint floor.

But that’s not to say that epoxy paint is all bad, as we’ll discuss below.

High Solids Epoxy - Professional Grade

When you think of a durable, beautiful epoxy floor, you’re probably thinking of one that incorporates high solids epoxy. This is the kind of epoxy used by professional installers like Armor Coatings, and is suitable for both residential and commercial flooring.

This professional-grade epoxy is much thicker and more durable than epoxy paint, and also offers many more custom options. There are a wide range of colors, textures, and levels of gloss that can be achieved with a professional epoxy.

When it comes to an epoxy garage floor, a high solids epoxy is essential to crafting a floor that will last decades.

Finishing & Installation

One of the reasons that epoxy paint is mainly marketed to DIY consumers, is that high solids epoxy is difficult and unforgiving to install. Proper installation requires planning and decisiveness. That’s because it solidifies, leaving you on average less than 45 minutes to coat the entire garage floor in epoxy.

When reconditioning a cement garage floor with epoxy, there are several steps needed to achieve a beautiful, lasting epoxy floor. That’s especially true if there are cracks in the existing flooring, which is where epoxy paint comes in for the professional installer.

As we mentioned above, epoxy paint is thin and more liquid than professional-grade epoxy. That makes it a great first coat, as it can seep in and provide a smooth, flat base on which to apply the high solids epoxy.

Once you have applied the primary coat of high solids epoxy to your garage floor, you have several options.

First, you can leave it as is. This will provide a smooth, matte or semigloss flooring surface. There are a variety of colors to choose from, and professional epoxy installers can create a custom look to match the rest of your garage.

However, a lot of people who redo their garage floor with epoxy will add acrylic chips to the epoxy. This provides a texture to the floor, and can also add a classy, attractive look to your epoxy garage floor.

Lastly, you have the option of a clear topcoat. This is what gives that high sheen look that so many folks want from their epoxy floors. It also further adds to the durability of your epoxy garage floor.

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