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Epoxy coatings are becoming more and more popular for resurfacing garages, patios, driveways, and other areas in people’s homes. But that’s left many California residents asking, “Is epoxy safe?” Californians want to know if having an epoxy floor, countertop, or patio is safe for their family or their pets.

High quality epoxy coatings will be fully reactive, meaning that the entire epoxy coating “sets” and does not off-gas or release any dangerous chemicals into the air. While in liquid form, epoxy can be an irritant, but having high quality epoxy installed will result in a safe, durable floor or surface.

Want to learn more about the safety of epoxy for use in your home? Read on to understand why epoxy is such a popular choice among California families seeking an attractive, durable coating for their garage, deck, and other interior or exterior surfaces.

Is Epoxy Safe For Use in the Home?

It’s natural that California homeowners and parents want to make sure that whatever surface they install in their home is safe for them and their families. Epoxy coatings have many benefits over other materials, such as durability, aesthetic options, and low cost. But are they safe to have in your home?

In short, yes. Epoxy coatings will not react with the air, and are highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals. That means that they will not release gases or react with solvents, and you don’t have to worry about chipping the way you would with paint or other surfaces.

That said, epoxy is a petroleum product, so in its liquid form, it will irritate the skin and eyes. However, it hardens extremely quickly, making it a safe choice for interior and exterior surfacing in your home. That is especially true if you hire a professional installer.

It should also be noted that cheap epoxy products you’ll find at your local store may contain water and other fillers. California families that choose a cheap DIY epoxy product with high filler content may experience off-gassing and evaporation of the fillers. However, professional-quality epoxy resins will not contain these fillers, meaning no chemicals or byproducts will be released into the air.

Is Epoxy Environmentally Friendly?

Environmental impact is becoming more and more important when considering a product, especially in California. So what is the environmental impact of epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is derived from petroleum, meaning that oil extraction is an inevitable part of epoxy’s story. However, epoxy is an easily derived byproduct of petroleum, meaning that resources spent in its creation and transport are often lower than those spent on wood or stone surface options.

And as for the effect on the environment of epoxy when used in outdoor surfacing, there are no concerns. The hardeners used to ‘cure’ the epoxy upon installation should not be put into the water supply. If you are installing epoxy flooring yourself, you should have a plan to properly dispose of any leftover catalysts or hardening agents. When you hire a professional epoxy installation company like Armor Coatings, you can rest assured that all chemicals and products will be disposed of in a safe, correct manner.

All of Armor Coatings’ products follow EPA guidelines, and are safe for California families and the environment.

Contact Us About Epoxy Flooring

Are you considering installing an epoxy floor or surface in your home or business? If you have questions about safety, or anything else to do with epoxy surfaces, you can contact the experienced professionals at Armor Coatings.

With over 30 years of experience installing and resurfacing flooring and exterior surfaces, Armor Coatings is a trusted partner in any home remodel or construction. We’d be happy to answer Californians’ questions about epoxy resins and other flooring options. Whether seeking to resurface, stain, or install floors, patios, or driveways, you can trust Armor Coatings.

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