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Pool Decks

A pool deck can be an elegant extension of your own home. But, to accomplish that look and feel, you need the work of true professionals. Working with Armor Coatings, we can give you a beautiful, functional area where you can entertain, enjoy time with family, or stretch out on a lawn chair alone for some needed relaxation.

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Why choose Armor Coatings?

But why go with us? Why not just use a contractor that is “good enough?” Our difference is simple. At Armor Coatings, we love to customize exquisite pool decks to meet your unique needs and tastes. We view every pool deck project we take on as an opportunity to create real art that reflects your soul and your imagination. We will listen to your preferences and do everything we can to make your dream deck come to life. Can other companies in the San Jose and the Bay Area say that? Our business says “no.”

Armor Coatings takes the time to personally discuss different tile options, the layout you are trying to create, and so much more with you! We will make sure your pool deck complements the rest of your backyard, and we will make sure your deck is safe and slip-resistant too! That way, you can enjoy many days of sunbathing and barbecuing without ever having to worry.

Installing a decorative concrete pool deck is a popular trend right now; let us help you install a unique, functional, and affordable pool deck today! With more than 30 years in the industry, we are the professionals you can count on to get the job done right. Whether you are hoping for a slate, stone, or wood look, we are committed to bringing your vision to life!

For more information about Armor Coatings services, or to schedule your own appointment with us, please contact us at 408-578-5337.