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Epoxy Coated Floors

Epoxy coatings are designed to protect and strengthen your floors while providing a durable and glossy surface finish. With a variety of customized options available, epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for both homes and businesses. At Armor Coatings, we specialize in concrete solutions and epoxy flooring in the San Jose & the entire Bay area; all ranging from epoxy garage floor options to stained concrete floors and interior or exterior concrete resurfacing and waterproofing

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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coated flooring presents a versatile, customizable flooring solution for almost every type of structure, including: homes, businesses, factories, warehouses, and many other types.

  • Strength: Because epoxy is so strong, it can be used to coat most types of existing flooring.  An epoxy coating can be applied to concrete or wood substrate.
  • Looks: Epoxy strengthens your flooring and can be used to correct chips or cracks during the application process to produce a clean, smooth, and durable surface.
  • Custom Surfacing: You can customize your epoxy coating to include a variety of features, including improved traction for workplace or high-traffic areas, and antibacterial coatings for health and safety to keep your floor looking its best.
  • Colors & Design: Some epoxy coatings can be pigmented, multi-color patterns, and colored with synthetic materials. You can style your epoxy-coated floor after stone, tile, or other materials, while still enjoying the durability and ease of maintenance epoxy has to offer.

How Epoxy Coating Works:

Epoxy is different than many other types of finishes that are commonly used in the flooring industry. It is epoxy's unique traits that make it so durable, versatile, and beneficial in both residential and commercial settings.

Unlike paint or other finishes, epoxy physically bonds to the surface it covers. This means that epoxy flooring is much tougher and more durable than other types of finishes and will increase the underlying strength of your existing flooring as well.

Before it is applied, epoxy resin is mixed with a hardener or curing agent, which acts as a catalyst. Mixing these two substances starts a chemical reaction that proceeds as the epoxy cures. This reaction creates the bonds that give epoxy its strength and ability to adhere so well to any surface.

During the application process, your epoxy flooring can be customized in terms of color to achieve exactly the look and function you want, whether you want a colorful and decorative look, high-traction, no-slip surface - or both.

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