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Our Services

Armor Coatings uses cutting-edge technology, and a creative view on design, to provide you with decorative, durable concrete coatings. We can turn virtually any interior or exterior surface into something beautiful you can enjoy for years to come. Our expert technicians have the right knowledge, tools, and certifications to provide you with exemplary service for your home or business needs.

Our concrete resurfacing services include:

Residential Exterior

Decorative concrete is a great alternative to paving your home's outdoor spaces. While tile, wood, and stone may look nice, the cost of installation and efforts of maintenance far outweighs the benefits. With concrete resurfacing from Armor Coatings, you can achieve the same decorative look at a lower price. Concrete is also far more durable and requires much less maintenance than other outdoor surfacing alternatives.

Residential Interior

Many people do not stop to consider concrete as an option for indoor surfaces. With the decorative appearance and textured finishing of our residential interior concrete resurfacing, you can achieve a completed and functional look in any indoor space.

Commercial Exterior

The exterior areas of your place of business provide a first impression for your customers or clients. With concrete resurfacing from Armor Coatings, you can design a beautiful, durable hardscape that will draw people in. Our decorative concrete surfacing is not only pleasing to the eye, it is also extremely easy to maintain!

Commercial Interior

From kitchens to showrooms, our commercial interior concrete coatings provide you with a surface that is easy on the eyes and effortless to maintain. This investment could benefit you for years to come by giving your business a professional look at a low cost!

Pool Decks

Pool decks may be one of the most challenging and unique elements of your landscaping project. Not only must you find a surfacing solution that matches your design concepts, it must also cover a large portion of ground and be able to endure intense moisture and wetness for years to come. Concrete resurfacing is the perfect answer for your pool deck. You can achieve the appearance of stone or tile while saving money on installation, materials and maintenance!

Epoxy Coated Floors

With a variety of options available, epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for both homes and businesses. Epoxy coatings are designed to protect and strengthen your floors and providing a durable and glossy surface finish.

Concrete Floors

Concrete is not only a versatile and durable material, it can be a beautiful and customizable flooring option or addition to hardscapes as well. Polished and stained concrete lends your property an upscale, personalized look unlike any other, offering you countless benefits in terms of looks and function.

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